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Digital Signage for All in the cloud, it’s the real deal

So you must be thinking "In the Cloud?", there must be a catch, right? It’s gotta be limited ? or it’s too good to be true? or, what am I missing?

Well when you join the ShadowCLOUD you simply get an extraordinary application that allows to build an elaborate Digital Signage or Kiosk presentation. Use advanced components like HTML web integration, Live TV, HD videos, Flash animations and more. So you get access to all that and you don’t even have install a server. Join our ShadowCLOUD Digital Signage network now.   The web forever changed how people consume, share, discover and connect around content. And Digital Signage based on software as as service benefits from all the same things we love about the web. You no longer have to worry about servers or complicated network maintenance, no expensive hardware to buy and best of all, your software is always up-to-date running the latest features and enhancements.

Fly into the cloud

The ShadowCLOUD, also known as a Software as a service (SaaS) or "Cloud Hosting" has been creating quite a buzz around these days. You might be hearing the phrase for the first time but the technology is not something new. Cloud hosting benefits the users from various angles. It’s scalability and cost efficient are the commonly known advantages. Digital Signage and cloud computing is a marriage made in heaven. With cloud computing you can let us do do all the technical work while you can focus on your business strategy and sales.

Cloud computing is already here. When you use services like Gmail, NetFlix or Salesforce you are essentially already taking advantage of the cloud; without having to worry about what’s happening in the background. So why not use the same model for Digital Signage? That’s the idea!

what do I get ?

You get a powerful tool set for both creating campaigns & managing unlimited number of screens. Use components like Weather, RSS, MRSS, HD videos, Live TV and more. And guess what? it’s all bundled in; you just have to check it out.

how many screens can I use?

when you join the ShadowCLOUD you can operate as many screens as you’d like, across town or on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter.

Anything else I should know?

  • you get both ShadowStudio and ShadowPlayers. Build a rich presentation and manage all of your remote players over the web.

You can afford a cloud

With ShadowSignage you can focus on managing screens and ShadowPlayers while we maintain the server, thus reducing a significant expense from your overall digital signage operating cost. The ShadowCLOUD is the quickest, most cost-effective way of developing truly dynamic content for YOUR digital signage network and managing any number of remote screens. It’s the simple process of creating a professional presentation on your computer, and pushing it down to any number of remote screens; it’s that simple.

Keeping the cloud private and secure

When you open a new account on the ShadowSignage platform, our management system will automatically associate your account with the server that’s geographically closest to you. This means faster downloads and a more responsive work flow for both you and your audience.

Our ShadowPlayer Desktop version caches all the content locally. So even if a server is being worked on, your screen will never go down and the complete transition will be transparent to your audience. When the server is brought back up, the ShadowPlayer will automatically reach to the cloud and check for new updates which you may have submitted while the server was maintained.

In real-estate it’s all about location, in the cloud it’s all about security. Securing the cloud is fundamental to its success. It is a core component in the ShadowSignage digital signage network. Information is safely and securely stored and accessed through an authorized process called public / private key encryption process.
Cloud computing is a good alternative to a private hosted server, and while there are bad people out there, keeping your data in the cloud safe and secure is our #1 job. So now you know. Cloud computing is already here. More companies are transitioning into the cloud because it makes economic sense.  Let us maintain the infrastructure while you can focus on content creation, management and sales.  Any more questions? So let’s get started

Install, Video Tutorials and login here!


Powerful presentation builder

The ShadowStudio is a cross platform presentation builder like no other, it is at the core the Digital Signage platform. It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your complete digital signage platform. And because the ShadowStudio plays such a vital role in the success of your final product, we felt we had to deliver an amazing platform which can deliver ease of use without compromising functionality; and that’s exactly what we did. Using the Studio application you can create any number of campaigns. The campaign unify a set of timelines which together construct your final display output. Below are some of the key features that are part of the Studio.


The campaign is a global configuration which holds your complete digital signage setup. Having the ability to configure multiple campaigns allows you to easily switch your signage players from one configuration to another.


A timeline is a visual representation of the sequential play list order of your media resources. A collection of all your timelines make up the final output of your digital signage presentation.


The Station manager empowers you to remotely control all of the Signage Players. You can reboot, play, stop, update software, get statistics and more. All this from within the comfort of the ShadowStudio station manager.

Screen division (zones)

Screen division divide the screen into separate areas (AKA Zones). Areas are assigned a channel number in which you can run independent content. Included in our software is a powerful screen division WYSIWYG editor.


The sequencer is essentially a simple and effective way to serially set the play list order of all the timelines. This is done using simple drag and drop operation.


Set your timelines to play at any day and anytime. Use the scheduler to set the exact start and stop times. A graphical interface is used to get a summery of all future playlists and easily resolve conflicts.

Advertising engine

Build your own Advertising network, provide to your customer proof of play, visual analytics and more. Each customer can be managed through the sub-account manager.


Resources include any media content which loads onto your digital ShadowPlayer. These include video, sound, signage components and scenes. Also provided are social network portals that retrieve shared files. These portals include social networks as well as our own built in digital signage social network.


The components include many valuable tools that you can use to enrich your signage presentation. These include RSS News, Stock tickers, RSS Weather, RSS Video Podcasts, HTML component, TV Tuner / Capture card, clocks and more. Components can be used directly on the timeline or within a designer scene.

Scene Editor

The Scene Editor is a canvas where you can mix multiple components and resources. You assign a Scene to one or more screen divisions (also known as zones). The Scene editor is a fully customizable widget editor with built in animation, effects and control of the X / Y coordinates of all the items it holds.


Set the color and font scheme that’s right for you. With our flexible CSS controls you can set the ShadowStudio to match your style and preference.


A powerful tool that allows you to easily display unlimited number with a common format. The items can be viewed inside any number of catalog
sub-players which include carousals, book flipping, 3D floaters and more.

Multi Language

Select the language of your choice. Both Studio and ShadowPlayer applications are multi lingual.

Active Digital Signage components

With active digital signage components your ShadowPlayer  is energized with dynamic live content. Instead of just running static videos and images, you can integrate Live TV, RSS, Weather, Facebook, QR, Twitter, Kiosk builder, Stocks, YouTube and dozens of other cool, live, relevant content that is sure to bring your screens to life.

You can even develop your own custom Digital Signage component using our software development kit (SDK).