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Shadow Tools Plug-in

Shadow Tools

This is a tool that we have developed to bring the power and ease of use of Microsoft PowerPoint to broadcast quality TV quality.

This tool is a plug-in that exposed the Alpha channel ability that is contained in PowerPoint. It was designed initially for use with Newtek's Tricaster, but it will work in many environments.  It is several tools. It is a template based system that contains 4 presets, NTSC SD, PAL SD, 720p HD and 1080 HD. In can output dynamic PNG files to any shared folder on the network. By default it is setup for Tricaster "Framebuffer" and the 4 "Virtual frame buffers" in the Tricaster. But the can be changed in simple .ini text file to any folder you wish. This works very well with vMix also. It has tools for page duplication and sending to the frame buffers. There are some simple limitations do to the exporting nature of Powerpoint (read the read me) It works and tested with 64 bit Microsoft Office 2013, 2016.  It has a simple installer based on the default install of MS office. (if you have a different setup , you are on you own!) PLEASE READ THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, and you should have no problem. We have decided to give this away to help those on a limited budget. It is also a great tool for doing compositions that are destined for video.  Have fun.

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